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B.W. Furlong & Associates is an equine-focused veterinary practice in New Jersey offering a wide range of ambulatory services, reproductive services, surgical services, sports medicine, rehabilitation, and much more. We are proud to have highly experienced veterinary professionals here to serve you and help your horses live life to the fullest. We’re life-long, dedicated horse people through and through, with a vested interest in pursuing progressive, world-class medicine for the benefit of our patients and clients.

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Meet Our Team

Our team of skilled veterinarians, technicians, and support staff work together to provide a multi-dimensional, progressive approach to equine medicine. Our veterinarians are a highly skilled group with many serving at the Olympic and World Championship level. We are also proud to offer a wide variety of specialty services from our team of Board Certified veterinarians.

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Our practice in New Jersey offers an extensive range of equine healthcare services. From routine preventive care and sports medicine to rehabilitation and in-depth diagnostics, we can provide numerous treatment possibilities to suit the unique needs of every horse.

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Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation

In addition to many of our veterinarians serving at the Olympic and World Championship level, we offer a safe, controlled environment for performance evaluations, advanced diagnostic testing including a standing MRI, access to many different healing therapies, and a rehabilitation center overseen by our board-certified Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation veterinarian.

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Ambulatory Services

One of the most notable and important features of our practices is our ability to provide reliable ambulatory and emergency services. Our large ambulatory team brings years of experience and a wide range of services directly to our clients 24/7.

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Internal Medicine

With two board-certified internal medicine specialists on our team, we offer services to diagnose and treat complex cases ranging from gastrointestinal disorders to neurological issues and everything in between. Patients receive 24/7 care and we offer intensive and isolation services as well as, access to state of the art diagnostic tools, a full on-site laboratory, and other advanced tools to better diagnose and treat complex cases.

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Surgical Services

Surgical services are provided by a skilled team led by a board certified surgeon. Emergency procedures are performed at our hospital in Oldwick, with elective procedures such as castration, fracture repair, minimally invasive procedures, and other orthopedic procedures performed at our secondary location.

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Reproductive Services

B.W. Furlong & Associates offers a full range of year round reproductive and fertility services at our headquarters in Oldwick, NJ or at your farm. Our team provides top care to help manage successful pregnancies and healthy foals. Reproductive and fertility services provided by our board certified Theriogenologist.

Career Opportunities

Along with many career opportunities, B.W. Furlong & Associates also offers internship and externship programs for hard-working individuals who see a future for themselves in equine medicine. We encourage you to apply for employment or one of our programs if you’re looking to further your veterinary career.

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