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Furlong’s Soundness Center

Furlong’s Soundness Center is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to equine soundness and rehabilitation. Settled in the scenic hills of Oldwick, New Jersey, the Center neighbors the equine veterinary practice, B.W. Furlong & Associates, and Equine MRI of New Jersey, to offer a comprehensive approach to rehabilitating equine athletes.

We work alongside your regular veterinarian to offer a complete rehabilitation or conditioning plan for your equine partner. Our facility includes a dry treadmill, water treadmill, salt water spa, vibration plate, solarium, hot walker, high intensity laser therapy, and medical paddock turnout, as well as other modalities to support equine well-being.

Our active approach to rehabilitation promotes soundness of the horse’s body and mind, and patients will enjoy as much time outside of their stalls as possible. With regenerative therapies, advanced diagnostics and imaging, acupuncture and chiropractic therapy, and regular soundness evaluations available to our patients, we aim to increase rates of recovery, decrease rates of re-injury, and get horses back to doing the jobs they love.

Meet the Team

Our team members bring their unique experiences and skill sets to deliver exceptional care to their patients. Their knowledge of sports medicine and rehabilitation gives them the ability to handle a wide variety of challenging cases and offer up innovative and effective solutions.

Vibration Plate

Soundness and Rehabilitation Services

Furlong’s Soundness Center offers an extensive range of services, so we can provide your horse with a highly personalized treatment or conditioning plan:

• Dry treadmill

Walking is essential for equine physical and mental health during injury and rehabilitation. The dry treadmill provides this essential component of rehabilitation in a highly controlled manner, allowing patients to gently move while being corrected for straightness and symmetry.

• Water treadmill

Water provides resistance, which adds intensity to your horse’s workout without the concussive stress of increased speed. Moving through water increases range of motion of joints and improves flexibility, which is critical in patients with joint disease. We offer ship-in appointments for our water treadmill.

• Eurocizer/hot walker

The eurocizer/hot walker is very similar to the dry treadmill in that it provides controlled walking exercise while allowing soft tissues to repair without stressing them into further injury. What’s different is that the eurocizer adds a bending component into the patient’s exercise, and the horse can move freely and naturally.

• Vibration plate therapy

Our unique whole body vibration machine with a vibrating plate uses 3-dimensional movement to evenly distribute pressure on all four limbs. As the plate shifts, the patient is stimulated to rebalance themselves, improving proprioception. This therapy can stimulate blood circulation, especially in the legs, improve digestion, and even help to increase bone density.

• Solarium therapy

Our solarium is attached to our vibrating plate, which is equipped with deep penetrating infrared lamps which can be useful for loosening back muscles and increasing blood circulation prior to training. Infrared light can also stimulate immunity and provide essential vitamin D.

• Saltwater hydrotherapy spa

Our spa uses cold temperature, aeration, and saltwater therapy to treat lower leg injuries and reduce inflammation. Cold water serves as a topical analgesic and reduces the accumulation of fluid in areas of concern. Salt water helps to draw out inflammation and can provide a natural healing effect on wounds. Aeration massages the leg, which is useful in patients with cellulitis.

• Regenerative laser therapy

High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT) allows for high power outputs of deep penetrating energy to be applied to injuries without the risk of damaging superficial tissues. Our laser can be used to treat acute injury and be incorporated into the treatment of chronic conditions, as well.

• Physiotherapy stretches and balance pads

Physiotherapy (PT) stretches and balance pads help improve proprioception, balance, and core strength. Our vets can customize programs that are suitable for each individual horse’s fitness needs.

• Equiband®

The Equiband system increases a horse’s core strength with the use of two resistance bands, an abdominal band and a hindquarter band, which are attached to a saddle pad. The Equiband system can be added to a horse’s rehabilitation program once they have reached a certain level of fitness.

• Massage therapy

Massage therapy helps our patients relax their muscles and allows them to use their whole body more efficiently. It helps the muscles prepare for and recover from increased exercise. Our skilled rehabilitation technicians can build a detailed treatment program for every individual horse.

• Kinesiology tape

Kinesiology tape can be applied to prolong the effects of massage therapy and acupuncture treatment, support muscles during training, relax tense muscles, and support joints. The tape lifts the skin, increasing blood flow to the necessary regions.

• Back on Track® Products

We incorporate Back on Track products, including the suspensory support boots and therapeutic mesh sheets, into our patients’ rehabilitation programs. Back on Track products assist with pain reduction, help to increase circulation, and reduce muscle tension and inflammation.

• Therapeutic ultrasound

Our patients love falling asleep during their therapeutic ultrasound sessions. This therapy heats up deep tissues without affecting the skin’s surface and helps to relieve muscle spasms, increase blood flow in muscles, tendons and ligaments, and improves range of motion.

• Electrical simulation

Electro-stimulation can be used to help stimulate action signals coming from neurons. These electrical pulses stimulate acupuncture points and muscle fibers to relieve muscle spasms. It also helps increase circulation to repair injured tissues, and can provide some pain relief for acute and chronic injuries.

• TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)

TENS is a non-invasive therapy that provides pain relief through low voltage electrical stimulation. It can help to reduce long-lasting, persistent pain by intercepting pain signals and modifying how the brain perceives the signals.

• FES (Functional electrical stimulation)

We use FES on our patients to re-educate muscle function, improve range of motion, strengthen muscles and tendons, provide pain relief, and reverse muscle atrophy. Because FES stimulation mimics the natural nerve impulses of the horse, our patients more readily accept the treatment and allow for a better functional response.

• Equinosis Q

Equinosis Q is a field-based handheld gait analysis system that objectively measures gait abnormalities using non-invasive inertial sensors. This technology augments our ability to “see” lameness, and can also produce comparison reports that allow our vets to easily monitor their patient’s progress over a long period.

Additional services including: Acupuncture, chiropractic and spinal manipulation, nutritional consultation, corrective farriery, and regenerative medicine therapies

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