Internships in New Jersey

An internship at B.W. Furlong & Associates, located in the beautiful countryside of New Jersey, provides a well-rounded experience for individuals interested in pursuing a career in private practice or a residency in internal medicine, ophthalmology, surgery, sports medicine and rehabilitation, or diagnostic imaging. Our internship program is designed to provide 3 highly motivated individuals with in-depth training in lameness, internal medicine, imaging, surgery, rehabilitation, and reproduction, while offering plenty of experience in ambulatory medicine, sport horse medicine and pleasure horse practice.

Seventeen veterinarians, including board certified specialists in internal medicine, surgery, and theriogenology, all help to mentor our interns. Interns are given increasing case management, client communication and solo ambulatory responsibilities as their skills progress throughout the year. We place emphasis on learning to provide excellent veterinary care for both patients and clients in a team oriented atmosphere.

Internship Rotations

Candidates interested in pursuing an internship at B.W. Furlong & Associates are strongly encouraged to visit the practice on an externship. Contact Dr. Aja Harvey at to set up an externship.


  • Perform in-patient and ambulatory lameness evaluations
  • Assist veterinarians with ambulatory calls including preventative care, reproduction, dentistry, emergency, lameness, etc.
  • Interns participate in solo ambulatory calls as the year progresses
  • Interns participate in the after-hours emergency coverage schedule

Medicine & Surgery

  • Participate in out-patient examinations
  • Help manage in-patients (examinations, formulating treatment plans, performing procedures, etc)
  • Perform general anesthesia for elective and emergency surgeries
  • Assisting with surgical procedures

Diagnostic Imaging & Rehabilitation

  • Assist in working up lameness and rehabilitation cases requiring advanced imaging modalities such as MRI, ultrasound, and nuclear scintigraphy. The intern then participates in performing and interpreting the studies.
2023-2024 intern vets

Application Requirements

Application requirements consist of:

  • Graduation from veterinary school
  • A passing score on NAVLE
  • The prerequisites necessary to obtain New Jersey licensure

Your application should include:

  • A letter of intent
  • A curriculum vitae
  • A transcript
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • A current photograph

Please send your application to:

Dr. Rachel Gardner


We are happy to offer externship opportunities to 3rd and 4th-year veterinary students from the US and foreign veterinary schools. Externships are required for those considering an internship at B.W. Furlong & Associates. We make an effort to ensure that our externs are able to assist and observe all the veterinarians in our practice. Externs will also spend time with the current interns to gain a solid understanding of the internship program.

"I spent two weeks as an extern at B.W. Furlong & Associates during my final year of veterinary school. I was getting familiarized with the world of high level eventing and was able to experience first hand the hard work and dedication of the veterinarians that worked in the practice. The exposure and involvement I was permitted to have with both clinical and field cases was unparalleled, as it served to solidify my foundation in equine medicine. The externship also laid the groundwork for my future internship, residency and eventual career as a veterinary internal medicine specialist at this very practice. For any student looking for a dynamic, interactive and all-encompassing experience in equine private practice, I would tell them to look no further than B.W. Furlong & Associates." 

Aja B. Harvey, DVM, DACVIM
Associate Veterinarian, B.W. Furlong & Associates

Application Process

To submit an application for an externship, we ask that you provide the following information to

  • Current resume
  • Proof of liability insurance
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Proposed date(s) of visit. We cannot accommodate externs for more than 2 weeks, and arrivals must be scheduled for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. During the months of June, July, and August, we generally can only accept 4th-year students, but 3rd-year students may suggest dates as well. Please identify as many weeks that you are available as possible so we can do our best to accommodate you.