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Advanced Equine Imaging of Wellington

Advanced Equine Imaging of Wellington offers world-class standing MRI services. Our goal is to provide diagnostic imaging at the very highest level and offer MRI interpretations as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Standing MRI?

Advanced Equine Imaging of Wellington is one of the first facilities in South Florida to introduce standing MRI. Standing MRI is an excellent tool for examining specific distal limb structures and physiology, providing insight into lameness issues in horses. Our advanced equipment takes much of the uncertainty out of diagnosing lameness issues and gives referring veterinarians, trainers and owners more confidence about their treatment and rehabilitation options.

What to Expect

Here’s what you can expect for your horse’s standing MRI appointment:

  • Before admitting your horse for imaging, we obtain a thorough medical/health history from the
    referring veterinarian.
  • The patient’s shoes will be removed for the imaging (front shoes for front limb scanning, hind shoes for hind limb scanning). If glue-on shoes are present, we kindly ask that you have them removed prior to arrival at our facility.
  • Light sedation will be utilized to keep your horse still during the examination - please be aware of any drug withdrawal times required for your horse’s competition schedule.
  • Imaging will be reviewed and a formal report will be forwarded to your regular veterinarian once finalized.
  • Once their sedation has worn off, your horse can return home immediately.

Contact Us

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