Reproductive Services in New Jersey

B. W. Furlong & Associates offers a full range of year-round reproductive and fertility services at our headquarters in Oldwick, NJ, at your farm, or at our satellite breeding facility located in Pittstown, NJ. Our team provides exemplary care to help manage successful pregnancies and healthy foals. Reproductive and fertility services are provided by our theriogenologists, Drs. Jenn Linton and Olivia Stonehouse.

Have need of our reproductive services? Contact us today at (908) 439-2821.

Breeding and Fertility Services

Mare Services

  • Breeding soundness exam
  • Breeding consultation
  • Cycle management
  • Artificial insemination with fresh, cooled, or frozen semen
  • Embryo collection and transfer
  • Oocyte collection

Stallion Services

  • Breeding soundness exam
  • Routine semen collection
  • Semen centrifugation
  • Semen freezing
  • Epididymal sperm harvesting

Foaling Services

  • Fetal well-being exam
  • High-risk pregnancy management
  • New foal exams

Most of these services can be performed at the client’s farm. However, patients may be referred into the hospital for around the clock monitoring by our well-trained staff and accessibility to our medical and surgical teams if appropriate.