Welcome back to our 2022 Spotlight Series! 2022 marks the 5th year doing our Spotlight Series. We felt the 5th anniversary would be the perfect time to reintroduce all of our outstanding doctors. We are staying in Florida for a few weeks. Dr. Henriksen splits his time between our Oldwick, NJ headquarters and with our Wellington, FL team which is where he currently is! 


Get to know Dr. Henriksen!
Dr. Henriksen
Dr. Jan Henriksen

Hometown: Flemington 

College/University/Vet School: West Virginia University and Ross University 

Areas of Interest: Lameness, sports medicine, and chiropractic 

JH chiropractic

What do you love about being an equine vet: Problem solving to help our patients. No two days are the same in our profession. Each day your presented different cases with different problems. My favorite part is sorting through these issues and coming up with a solution that helps our patients get back to competing.  

What is your favorite activity to do outside of work: Golf, time with family, friends and pets, projects around the house/yard

If you could give one piece of advice to horse owners, what would it be: Be prepared for anything when you have a horse. Horses have the amazing ability of making you ask yourself ‘how did this happen?’   


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