Faye Lambert

Faye is a Florida born and raised, but also a dual citizen with the great country of Ireland. She is a third generation master of the hunt for the Westmeath Fox Hounds and tries to go back to Ireland at least once a year to go fox hunting with her family. Faye grew up eventing then moved onto jumpers. She purchased a young horse who could not jump a crack on the ground, so she tried dressage and fell in love with the sport and has not looked back. Faye expanded her knowledge of horses by becoming a certified saddle fitter, she trained in England and Germany under master saddlers. She fitted saddles throughout the southern states and helped many top riders find the best saddle for them. Faye went on to work for a local equine hospital as a tech and then worked as a large animal surgery tech at the University of Florida. There she gained valuable knowledge on not just sport horse medicine but on all sorts of animals from goats to camels. Faye joins the Peak Performance Equine Services team as Dr. Lisa Casinella’s technician. Faye’s spare time is spent riding her dressage horse “Impression”, reading a good book, and playing with her 4 dogs.