Julie Edmondson, MVB

Dr. Julie Edmondson is an Irish Vet who grew up in County Wicklow, Ireland, and began horse-riding at the age of 4. She moved to Dublin for senior school where she developed a keen interest in Agricultural Science. At third level, she studied Agricultural Science at University College Dublin, from 2015 to 2019, graduating with a degree majoring in Animal Science. She subsequently went on to study Veterinary Medicine, also at University College Dublin. Following in the footsteps of previous, Edmondson-family members. All of her academic studies were fuelled by a love of horses and riding in every form, showjumping, hunting and playing polocrosse for the college team. She completed an externship with Furlongs in the summer of 2022, and returned for an internship in 2023. Her specialist professional interests are sports medicine and surgery. She values personal fitness and enjoys cycling, running and competing in CrossFit. She is a keen baker as most in the practice already know and lives for travel! She also has a passion for art, in particular Equestrian painting and drawing.