Katlin Russell

Katlin grew up in Mississippi and at a young age developed a fascination for all animals. Her love for horses soon blossomed into a passion when she found herself working as a professional whipper-in/groom for a foxhunt in Alabama. While working for the foxhunt Katlin also found her love for repurposing thoroughbred racehorses for foxhunting and jumping. It was because of foxhunting that she was able to go to New Zealand in 2019 and work for the Master of a hunt, this position allowed her to have a “true New Zealand hunt experience” jumping over wire fences and galloping across the infamous New Zealand hills. She graduated with her BS in Animal and Dairy Science with a concentration in Pre-Vet from Mississippi State University in 2020. In her spare time, she enjoys riding “her pony”, a big 17 hand thoroughbred, spending time with her two dogs, and binge watching The Office for the 15th time.