B.W. Furlong & Associates and Mountain Pointe Equine Veterinary Services are pleased to share ship-in emergency services as the newest development of our Emergency Coverage Cooperative (Co-op)*  for our NJ practices. 

In order to continue to provide our clients with the best in timely veterinary care, you may be asked to ship your horse into the clinic at B.W. Furlong and Associates in Oldwick, NJ. This option will allow our veterinarian on call to maximize emergency patient care capabilities by minimizing the distance between emergency locations.  

As we understand the cost of emergency care can be difficult to manage, the ship-in emergency visit fee will be at a reduced rate. 

If you do not have direct access to a trailer, please see some shipper contact options provided below: 


  • Fred Whaley: (908) 268-9750
  • Gene Eggeman: (908) 256-2742
  • Nobody’s Business Horse Transport: (610) 847-8253
  • Mike Mauro: (201) 341-3431
  • 24 Carrot Equine transportation: Lorraine Smith  (908) 552-1563
  • Bradley Klemm: (973) 919-2934 please text
  • Ferguson Equine Transport LLC: (973) 955-7280


As a reminder, this Co-op is not intended to replace your routine veterinarian and/or elective services for clients and patients. 

Please click here to view our updated Emergency Co-Op coverage radius

We look forward to bringing you this service for many years to come, and to a future of happy and healthy horses and their veterinary practitioners! Thank you all for your continued support of our growing practices and wonderful veterinarians.



Brendan W. Furlong, President, B.W. Furlong & Associates

Michael N. Fugaro, Owner, Mountain Pointe Equine Veterinary Services


*The purpose of this Co-op is to improve the mental health and well being of our equine veterinarians, as the frequency and demands of emergency services have contributed to a staffing crisis in the veterinary industry. Less than 1% of students graduating vet school are entering equine medicine, and after three years, half of that 1% have left equine private practice. By creating a professional and collaborative relationship between our practices, this Co-op will maintain the standard of care for our clients while creating a more sustainable lifestyle for our veterinarians.

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